Hibberdene Bowling Club



1.    Name Address and Telephone Number of the club
2.    Colour and Emblem
3.    Dress
4.    Affiliation
5.    Interpretation
6.    Objects of the Club
7.    Rules of Play
8.    Membership
9.    Subscriptions and Levies
10.   Management Committee
11.   Property – see section 8.2.8
12.   Indemnification
13.   Auditor
14.   Management
15.   Sub Committees
16.   Financial Year and Payment of Subscriptions
17.   Conduct of Members and infraction of rules
18.   Annual General Meeting
19.   Special General Meeting
20.   Management Committee Meetings
21.   Competitions
22.   Insurance
23.   General
24.   Dissolution




1.1    The name of the club shall by “Hibberdene Bowling Club”, herein referred to as “The Club” and shall include all members of both sexes unless otherwise specifically stated and of good standing.

1.2    The physical address is the corner of Woodgrange Road and Eton Road, Woodgrange, Hibberdene; the postal address is PO Box 431 Hibberdene 4220.

1.3    The telephone number is: 27 (039) 699 3228


2.1    The club colours shall be Navy Blue and Grey

2.2    The Club’s pocket badge shall consist of a Grey Seahorse on a Navy-Blue blazer or Navy Blue cardigan.

2.3    The registered colour of men’s shirt shall be navy blue with a club badge on the breast pocket, to be worn in conjunction with white short or long trousers.

2.4    The registered colour of the ladies’ shirts shall be navy blue with a club badge on the left, to be worn in conjunction with white skirts, shorts, slacks, or pedal pushers which may not be made from a stretch material.

2.5    The colour of the hatband shall be navy blue with a grey stripe along the center of the band, and shall have the word HIBBERDENE in navy blue thereon.

2.6    Men’s long and short trousers may be White or Navy Blue.

2.7    Ladies skirts, shorts, slacks and pedal pushers may be White or Navy Blue, but may not be made from a stretch fabric.

3.    DRESS

Dress shall be in accordance with Kingfisher District Regulations and bye-laws, and when men are wearing short trousers no ankle socks to be worn.


The Club is affiliated to the Kingfisher Bowling Association.


5.1    Reference to a “member” or “members” hereinafter includes members of both sexes unless otherwise specifically stated.

5.2    “Qualified members” shall mean all members in good standing and will not include country members, social, junior, or temporary members.

5.3    Any member who is in arrears with any due payments or levels and who is subject to suspension following a disciplinary action by the Management Committee, the Kingfisher Bowling Association, or Bowls South Africa, shall be deemed NOT to be a member in good standing.

5.4    In the case of doubt as to the meaning of any Clause in this Constitution or Bye-laws, the interpretation of the Chairperson at a General Meeting, or at other times by the Management Committee as the case may be, shall be binding on all members until the matter is, if necessary, reviewed at a General Meeting.


6.1    The Club is instituted and established to promote the same of bowls, to the highest possible standard, so that the members can play and enjoy the game. To this end the Club shall create and maintain the best possible facilities for the playing of bowls and the social activities connected therewith.

6.2    All revenue received or profit made shall be only utilized for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the club.

6.3    The club shall be affiliated to Bowls South Africa though the Kingfisher Bowling Association or to any other body as will further the interest of The game.

6.4    Membership shall be open to all races, genders, and creeds, subject to Clause 8 of this Constitution and all Qualified Members shall have equal status within the Club.

6.5    The members of the Club shall at all times show and promote good sportsmanship and good fellowship, both in competitions and social occasions.

6.6    The members shall have a commitment to developing bowls at all levels in line with the District Constitution and Development Programme.


?The game is to played under the laws of World Bowls and the etiquette as laid down by Bowls South Africa Coaches and Technical officials.
No mobile / cell phone may be brought on to the green in a switched on condition, nor may they be left on the bank in such a state.


8.1    The membership of the cub shall consist of the following classes of members:
i)    Qualified
ii)    Honorary life
iii)    Country
iv)    Dual
v)    Social
vi)    Junior

8.2    Membership Interpretation
8.2.1    Qualified Members shall be those persons who have been approved as such by the Management Committee and they shall be liable for all the normal Club duties deemed necessary for the good running of the Club.
8.2.2    Honorary Life Members shall be elected on the recommendation of the Management Committee at the Annual General Meeting and shall enjoy all rights and privileges of the Club without the payment of any subscription but shall be subject to the Rules and Bye-Laws of the Club, however if such a member wishes to continue playing bowls he/she shall be liable for Affiliation fees.
8.2.3    Country Membership may be conferred at the discretion of the Management Committee, but will normally be conferred only on those persons who reside outside a radius of 40 kilometers from the Club who are Qualified Members of another Club, such Club not being associated with the Kingfisher Bowling Association, and may not hold office, propose candidates, or vote at meetings. Country members may attend official meetings only be the invitation of the Executive Committee.
8.2.4    Dual Membership is available to members of another Bowling Club who are eligible to be qualified members and must nominate which Club they wish to represent as their first call Club. They shall inform the secretary, in writing, of their decision. Only dual members who have nominated Hibberdene Bowling Club as their home club shall be eligible to hold office and be considered for selection to represent the Club in bowling competitions and to participate in club competitions.
8.2.5    Social Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Club but may not hold office, vote at meetings, propose candidates, or play bowls. Such members may attend official meetings by invitation of the Executive Committee.
8.2.6    Junior members must be persons under the age of 18 years. Applications for such membership must be supported by a parent or guardian, who will at all times be responsible for the behavior of such a member. Junior members may not be permitted to order or consume alcoholic drinks on the Club premises.

8.3    General
8.3.1    Each candidate for membership shall be proposed and seconded in writing on the Application for Membership form by two qualified members of the club. Only qualified members with more than one years’ service may propose new members. The proposer and seconder shall be responsible for the proper introduction of such candidate to the Club president and at least one other member of the Management Committee. Such an application shall be posted on the Club’s notice board for 14 days before such a nomination comes before the Management Committee for approval. Any objections to any application for membership must be given to the Secretary in writing within 14 days of the application from being posted on the board. When an application for membership is being made, and is in respect of a previous member of another bowling Club it must be supported by a Clearance Certificate from the applicant’s previous club.
8.3.2    The signed application for membership shall be regarded as an acknowledgement that the applicant is bound by the Constitution and all Bye-Laws that have or may hereafter be made by the Management Committee and no person shall be absolved from any infraction of the rules, for any reason whatsoever.
8.3.3    The Management Committee shall have the right to refuse membership to any person without advancing any reason therefore. Confirmation of acceptance to membership shall be made in writing by the Secretary. Each such acceptance shall be conditional upon payment of entrance fee and subscription being made by the applicant within the time stipulated, normally within 14 days of the acceptance letter.
8.3.4    Any member who wishes to resign from the Club shall notify the Secretary in writing, prior to the first date of October of their intention to resign, failing which the member shall be liable for the annual subscription for the year commencing on that date, provided that the Management Committee shall have the right to waive such subscription in whole or in part, if in its opinion circumstances are such as to warranty such a waiver. Once a member has resigned and such resignation has been accepted by the Management Committee, that member shall cease to be a member of the Club and shall not be entitled to enjoy any further privileges of the Club.
8.3.5    A member in good standing who resigns, may be re-admitted within three years without paying Entrance Fees.
8.3.6    A register of all members names shall be kept by the Secretary, together with their respective registered Bowls South Africa numbers.
8.3.7    If, in the opinion of the Management Committee, the membership numbers are such that it makes the Club no longer viable, a Special General Meeting of Qualified Members shall be called to establish the guidelines for the winding up of the club.
8.3.8    The property of the Club shall be vested in two trustees, these being the President and Treasurer, on behalf of the Members of the Club, and no member shall possess any personal right to such property.
8.3.9    In the event of new members requesting acceptance without any previous bowling experience, such new members shall be coached by a Club Coach who shall endorse their application to the effect that they have been so coached. In the event that Club has no coaches available, an approach should be made to the nearest Club to provide a coach.
8.3.10    In the event of a new member applicant previously belonging to a club which no longer exists; or such a club is situated outside the borders of South Africa the Management Committee may accept such application after interviewing the applicant if they consider such applicant to be of the required standing as a member of the Club.
8.3.11    In the event of a new member applicant being a player who has not played in many years, such applicant shall be interviewed by the Management Committee and if acceptable to them, then shall be graded by a coach of the Club before playing in any game.


9.1    The Entrance Fee, annual subscription and any other amounts payable by each class of member shall be determined periodically by the Management Committee when circumstances call for it.  Such increases shall not exceed 10% without a resolution being passed by a 75% majority of Qualified Members present at a Special General Meeting.  In the event such increase is made below 10% it shall be confirmed at the next Annual General Meeting of members and shall at no time be made retrospective.

9.2    In the event that the Local or International Government impose increases in the costs of running the Club, which could have been reasonably foreseen at the time of preparing the Club’s budget, the Management Committee shall call a Special General Meeting for the purpose of increasing the members subscriptions accordingly.  The increases shall be effective from the first day of the month following such meeting.

9.3    Any new member joining the Club during he year shall pay full Entrance Fees and Affiliation Fees, if applicable, and a pro rata proportion of the annual subscription due, to be determined as follows:-
1st Quarter – full annual rate
2nd Quarter – 75% of annual rate
3rd Quarter – 50% of annual rate

4th Quarter – 25% of annual rate or less – as so determined by the Management Committee.

9.4    Past members who were in good standing at the time of leaving the Club, may be re-admitted to membership without paying Entrance Fees at the discretion of the Management Committee.

?9.5 In the case of genuine financial hardship of a current member, the Executive Committee isauthorized to reduce the required annual rates accordingly.

9.6    Qualified members who fail to pay their subscriptions or make arrangements to pay over an extended period before due date, shall have no voting power whilst the subscriptions are unpaid and if such subscriptions remain unpaid for a period exceeding 90 days, the Management Committee has the power to suspend the membership rights until the issue is resolved.


The Management Committee shall have full power and authority to do any act, matter or thing, which at its discretion it deems to be in the interest of the Club, and to delegate any of its powers to any Sub-Committee appointed, excepting such matters that are in these rules especially reserved to be dealt with at an Annual General Meeting.  Proper minutes of all meetings shall be kept.

10.1    The Committee may meet together for the dispatch of business, adjourn and otherwise regulate their meetings as they think fit, provided that they shall meet once in every calendar month.

10.2    Any member of the Management Committee may resign giving notice thereof to the Secretary in writing.

10.3    Any member of the Committee failing to attend three consecutive meetings of the Committee without having first obtained leave of absence shall cease to be a member of the Committee.

10.4    In the event of casual vacancies occurring, the Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt members to fill such vacancies.  Members so co-opted shall hold office until the following General Meeting.

10.5    No vacancy on the Committee shall remain unfilled for longer than one calendar month.

10.6    If the Management Committee for any reason whatsoever, were to resign en bloc, section 13.1 applies for the purpose of electing office bearers for the unexpired portion of the Club’s financial year.

10.7    All Management Committee members shall retire from office at every Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election.


The members, Management Committee members and all Honorary officers for the time being of the Club shall be indemnified and held harmless out of the assets and profits of the Club against all actions, claims, costs, charges, losses, damages and expenses arising from any act done, concurred in or omitted in or about the execution of their respective duties or presumed duties in their offices or acts for and on behalf of the Club, except such, if any, as may arise from their own dishonestly, willful unlawful conduct and / or gross negligence and none of them shall be answerable for the acts, omissions and / or defaults of any other or others of them or for any reason whatsoever unless the same shall happen by or through their own dishonesty, willful unlawful conduct and / or gross negligence.

12.    AUDITOR

An Honorary Auditor, not a member of the Executive Committee, shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting who shall examine the books, vouchers and accounts of the Club annually and issue a certificate as to the correctness thereof.


13.1    The entire management and control of the Club shall be vested in the Management Committee consisting of the President, Immediate Past President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Greenkeeper, Development Officer, Bar Convenor, Men’s Competition Secretary, Ladies Competition Secretary and Catering Convenyor, all of whom with the exception of the Immediate Past President, shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting. The  Immediate Past President is an ex officio member.  At Management Committee meetings a majority six members present shall constitute a quorum.

13.2    The Management Committee shall compile a job description for each elected official of the Club which will detail the Duties and responsibilities of each such Official.  Such job descriptions are to be given to each appointee at the time of the official’s appointment.  The Secretary shall keep copies of each such job description.

13.3    The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall form an Executive Committee, the quorum of which shall be three, and shall be empowered to deal with matters of urgency arising between meetings of the Management Committee.  Any such decisions taken are to be ratified at the following Management Committee meeting.  Nomination lists for all positions on the Management Committee and all Sub-Committees shall be placed on the notice board at least 21 days  prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.  Nominees must affix their signatures to all proposers and seconders must affix their names as indicated on the notice.
Such lists will be removed twenty four hours prior to the commencement of the Annual General Meeting.  In the event that no nominations are placed or accepted by the commencement of the Annual General Meeting, the outgoing President shall call for volunteers from the floor, and if no response is forthcoming, the resident may close the Club until such time as there are officials to continue with the good running of the Club.


14.1    The Management Committee may appoint from amongst the Club members’ sub-committees to carry out such duties as may be allocated to them and the President shall be the Chairman at all meetings of sub-committees, appointed or elected but will not be entitled to exercise a vote at such meetings.

14.2    The following sub-committees shall be elected by Qualified Members at each Annual General Meeting:-    
14.2.1    Men’s Selection Committee.  This committee shall consist of four male members who shall be nominated and elected to hold office at an Annual General Meeting.  The functions of this committee shall be to select male players to represent the Club in all competitions and tournaments and when so required to meet with the Ladies Selection Committee where mixed teams represent the Club or play in Club competitions.  The Men’s Competition Secretary shall be the Convenor of this Committee and shall have a deliberative vote.  In addition, two other male members shall be elected as alternates in the absence of committee members.
14.2.2    Ladies Selection Committee.  This committee shall consist of four lady members who shall be nominated and elected at an Annual General Meeting.  The functions of this committee shall be to select lady members to represent the Club in all competitions and tournaments.  The Competition Secretary shall be the Convenor of this committee and shall have a deliberative vote.  In addition, two other lady members shall be elected as alternates in the absence of committee members.  The Ladies Selection Committee shall meet with the Men’s Selection Committee where mixed teams are to represent the Club or play in Club competitions, and the Men’s Competition Secretary shall have a deliberative vote.
In the event that any members of these Selection Committees be candidates to represent the Club in any National or District tournaments, then they shall retire pro tem from the relevant Selection Committee.
14.2.3    Grading Committee.  This committee shall be composed of all the two preceding committees who shall annually assess players and grade them according to their capabilities and allocate handicaps.
14.2.4    Quorum.  At any of the above meetings a simple majority shall constitute a quorum, providing that each member of the relevant committee has been correctly notified as to the time and date of the meeting.


15.1    The financial year shall commence on the 1st day of July each year, as shall the playing year.

15.2    All subscriptions shall be payable by the 31st day of July, or in the event that the Annual General Meeting is held before that date, the date of the meeting shall apply.  A member may make application to the executive committee to papy skuch subscriptions by installments; agreement to such an application shall not be unreasonably withheld.

15.3    In the event that any member fails to pay his or her subscription or arrange an agreeable installment plan by the 31st day of July, a registered letter of demand shall be sent, and if the outstanding amount is not paid on or before the first day of the following month, the defaulter shall automatically cease to be a member of the club. J The Management Committee may, however, reinstate such defaulter on payment by the defaulter of all subscriptions in arrears or on such conditions as the Management Committee deems fit.

15.4    No member shall be entitled to play in tournaments, Club competitions or vote at any meetings or enjoy any privileges of the Club if their subscriptions are in arrears.


16.1    Subject to Clause 16.2 here under, the Executive Committee may suspend or expel any member who willfully violates the Hibberdene Bowling Club Constitution or Bye-Laws, or is guilty of any misconduct, either in or beyond the premises of the Club, which conduct, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, renders the member to be unfit to be a member of the Club or brings the Club into disrepute.

16.2    Action taken by the Executive Committee in terms of the preceding clause may be taken of its own accord or as a result of a written complaint to the Executive committee or Management Committee.  In the event of the Executive Committee acting of its own accord, no written complaint shall be necessary.
16.2.1    Within 7 (seven) days of the receipt of a written complaint which must be submitted by the complainant within 72 hours of the infringement or event taking place and received in terms of Clause 16.2, such complaint shall be investigated by the Executive Committee, and a ruling shall be given.  The same time restrictions shall apply to any counter complaint by the first party.
16.2.2    If the Executive Committee acting on its own accord or after investigation of the complaint, as the case may be, is of the opinion that prima facie there is sufficient grounds for the suspension or expulsion of the member, the Executive Committee shall:
i.    advise the member in writing of the nature of the complaint;
ii.    inform the member that the Executive Committee proposes to hold a meeting on a date not less than 14 (fourteen) days later, at which he or she is invited to answer the complaint and/or to give an explanation;
iii    advise the member that he or she may appear personally at such hearing.
16.2.3    Within 7 (seven) days of the hearing, and after taking into account any explanation given by the member, the Executive Committee shall advise the member of its decision in writing.
16.2.4    Any member who has been expelled or suspended or otherwise dealt with by the Execjtive Committee in terms hereof, will have the right of appeal against the decisions of the Executive Committee to a Special General Meeting of members.  The member concerned shall within 7 (seven) days of receiving the Executive Committee’s decision, notify the Secretary of his/her desire to lodge an appeal.  The Secretary will then take immediate steps to convene the Special General Meeting.
16.2.5    The fact that any such decision of the Executive Committee as herein contemplated be under appeal shall have the effect of suspending the operation of such decision pending the hearing of the appeal by the members at such Special General Meeting.
16.2.6    The decision of the Special General Meeting shall be final


17.1    The Annual General Meetings shall be held on or before 31st August of each year.  A copy of the audited accounts shall be promulgated with the notice of the Annual General Meeting which shall be given not less than 14 (fourteen) days before such a meeting.

17.2    Notice of any resolution to be proposed, other than the ordinary business, must be lodged with the Secretary by the 1st day of August and posted on the Club notice board at least 7 (seven) days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

17.3    The business to be conducted at the Annual General Meeting shall be :-
i.    to confirm the minutes of any General Meetings that may have been held during the previous year;
ii.    to receive and consider the President’s report and audited statements of account for the previous year;
iii.    to consider any motions concerning the affairs of the Club, of which 14 (fourteen) days notice has been given, and the business concerning the Club which is brought under consideration by the President’s report;
iv.    to elect by secret ballot, a President;  Vice President;  Secretary;  Treasurer, Greenkeeper;  Development Officer;  Ladies and Men’s Competition Secretaries;  Bar Convenor and Catering Convenor who shall constitute the Management Committee;
v.    to elect four male and two alternate male members as the \men’s selection Committee and further, to elect four lady members and two alternate lady members as the Ladies Selection Committee.  Both these committees shall constitute the Grading Committee;
vi    to elect an Honorary Auditor;
vii    General.

17.4    Nomination lists, nominating each of the above officials, duly signed by a proposer, a seconder and the nominee accepting the nomination, shall be placed on the notice board at least twenty one days prior to the Annual General Meeting. In the event of there being no nominations made before the Annual General Meeting for any particular office, such office shall be filled by the nomination and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

17.5    The secretary shall notify all members of the date, time and place of any adjourned Annual General Meeting.

17.6    One fourth (25%) of the Club’s total qualified members personally present and entitled to vote shall constitute a quorum.  Should a quorum not be present within twenty minutes after the time specified for the opening of thek meeting, it shall stand adjourned for fourteen days and shall reconvene at the same time and place.  In the event that a quorum is still not assembled the meeting will be reconvened until such time as a quorum is attained.


18.1    A Special General Meeting may be convened either by the Management Committee or by a requisition in writing to that effect, signed by not less than one third of the qualified members and specifying the object thereof, at such time and place as the management Committee shall determine.  It shall, however, take place within twenty one days after such requisition from members has been received by the Secretary.

18.2    Fourteen days notice shall be given for all Special General Meetings, except adjourned meetings in terms of Clause 18.3 below. Such notice shall also specify the business to be transacted at the meeting.

18.3    At any Special General Meeting only the business for which the meeting was called as shown on the notice and agenda, and matters relating thereto, may be discussed.  The Chairperson of the meeting shall decide whether or not any matter is relevant and his/her decision is final.

18.4    One fourth (25%) of the Club’s qualified members personally present and entitled to vote shall constitute a quorum at any Special General Meeting.  Should a quorum not be present within twenty minutes after the time specified for the opening of the meeting, it shall be adjourned for fourteen days and shall reconvene at the same time and place. In the event that a quorum is still not assembled, the item or items on the agenda shall be declared to be null and void.

18.5    At any General Meeting a resolution of the meeting shall be decided on by a show of hands, unless a poll is demanded by any member, in either event the Chairperson shall declare whether or not a resolution has been carried, and shall be the conclusive evidence of that fact.

18.6    In the event that a poll has been demanded it shall be undertaken in such a manner as the Chairperson sees fit, and the result of the poll shall be deemed to be the resolution of the meeting.

18.7    On a show of hands or a poll, each qualified member shall have one vote provided that the Chairperson of the meeting shall have a casting vote in addition to a deliberate vote.


19.1    A majority of the members of the Management Committee shall form a quorum.

19.2    The Secretary shall, on instructions from the President or on a written request from at least three members of the Management Committee, convene a Special Management Committee meeting.

19.3    Questions arising at any meeting of the Management Committee, except where a secret ballot is called for, shall be decided by a majority of votes on a show of hands, and the event of a tied vote the President or Chairperson of that meeting shall have a casting vote in addition to a deliberate vote.

19.4    The President shall occupy the Chair at all meetings of the Management committee, and in the event that he/she is not available the Vice-President shall take the Chair.  In the event that both the President and Vice-President are not available, those Committee members present shall elect one to act as Chairperson.


20.1    Competitions shall be held from time to time as decided by the Management Committee.  The club may also enter a team or teams into outside competitions including Men and Ladies Leagues, as decided by the Selection Committee.

20.2    Competitions shall have preferential use of the greens, provided however, that if required five rinks shall be available for ordinary play. The Management Committee shall have the power to override this Section and to allocate rinks at its discretion.

20.3    All games played at the Club shall be played under the rules and regulations of World Bowls.

20.4    Any entrance fees due for competitions are payable to the Competition Secretary at the time of entry unless otherwise stated by the Management Committee.


The Management Committee shall insure the Club’s assets against loss by burglary and fire.  The Club shall not be responsible for any loss not covered by insurance, and in any case only up to any amounts so recovered from the Underwriter.  All the Club’s assets shall be recorded in an Assets register.

22.    GENERAL

22.1    No addition, amendment or deletion to the Constitution shall be made except that it shall be passed at a Special General Meeting or Annual General Meeting with the sanction of not less than two-thirds of Qualified Members present.

22.2    If any deletion, amendment or addition be made, a notice to such effect shall be posted on the Club’s notice board.

22.3    A copy of the Club’s Constitution shall be displayed on the Club’s notice board at all times.

22.4    The management Committee shall have the power to amend, delete or add to the Bye-Laws from time to time as they deem fit, all or any of which shall be subject to ratification at the next General Meeting.

22.5    All profit from the sale of liquor by the Club shall accrue to the Club alone.  No profit from the sale of liquor by the Club may accrue to any individual except in terms of a written agreement as approved by the relevant \minister on application by the Management Committee.

22.6    No alcoholic drinks may be removed and consumed away from the Club house building, but may be consumed on the veranda attached thereto.

22.7    Members may introduce guests and it shall be the responsibility of that member so making the introduction to ensure that the name and address of each guest is recorded in the visitor’s book.

22.8    Only Club members, including bona-fida members, shall be permitted to pay for facilities, liquor and or refreshments supplied on the Club’s premises.


23.1    In the event that the Club is declared insolvent or goes into voluntary or compulsory liquidation or if the total membership has decreased to a non-viable level, then Clause 8.3.7 shall apply.

23.2    Should the Club be dissolved, all assets shall be realized and after all liabilities have been paid, the residual balance if any shall be distributed to any other recreational club which has been approved by the Commissioner in terms of section 30A of the Act.


1.    The green shall be under the control of the Management Committee.

2.    Official playing sessions will take place on mornings of Tuesdays and Sundays, and in the afternoons of Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and on such other days and times as the Management Committee may at its discretion decide.

3.    Morning play shall commence at 09.00 throughout the season, whilst afternoon play shall commence at 14.00 except in winter, which is from the first day of May until the last day of August, when play shall commence at 13.30.

4.    In the event that the mid-day heat during summer is too severe, the Management Committee at its discretion may alter the times of commencement to suit the weather conditions.

5.    Tabs must be in 15 minutes before play commences and telephone requests for tabs to be put in may be accepted, but the player must be at the Club at least 5 minutes before play commences.

6.    Tabs will be under the control of the person nominated for that duty who will ensure that all players tabs are placed in the draw box according to their grade and that the draw is made in the presence of another member, without favour or change to that which is so drawn.

7.    Club competitions shall have preference over bounce games.  Tab games shall have five rinks available at all times when the green is open for such games.

8.    All entrance fees for selected representative teams shall be paid by the Club from Club Funds:  Whereas all entrance fees for nominated teams shall be paid by the individual players and paid to the relevant Competition Secretary.

9.    The Competition Secretary shall place notices on the Club’s notice board advertising competitions that re to be played at least 21 days prior to the date on which they are to be played.  The draw for any competition shall be placed on the notice board at least 10 days before commencement of the first round.  No other notice need be given and any defaulters may be scratched.  An match may be played by mutual arrangement on a date prior or subsequent to that set down but only with the prior approval of the Competition Secretary.

10.    The Management Committee may on request authorize the running of special competitions if it is satisfied that these will not interfere with established Club competitions.

11.    Provided accommodation is available, Club members may be permitted to play bounce games with the permission of the Green keeper.  Names of skips are to be written on the blackboard no later than the seven days prior to play and tabs must be in no later than 30 (thirty) minutes prior to the commencement of Social games. J Teams selected to represent the Club may arrange practice games at any time with the prior approval of the Management Committee.

12.    All members, when playing must always comply with the regulations as laid down by World Bowls.

13.    No person who has been expelled from the Club, or who is not in good standing, will be allowed to enter the Club’s premises.  The Management Committee shall have the right to debar any person whose presence may be considered objectionable to members.

14.    Visiting teams may only be invited on the authority of the Management Committee.

15.     Dogs shall be allowed on the Club’s premises subject to their good behavior and providing that they are socialized.  Further, they shall be kept on a leash at all times.  The greens and kitchen area shall be out of bounds at all times.  The owner/handler shall be responsible for immediately removing any faeces discharged by their dog.

16.    Children are not allowed on the green nor on the banks thereof, neither will they be allowed on the Club’s premises unless accompanied by a parent or adult responsible for them.

17.    Players must not drop bowls, throw matches. cigarette ends or other possible obstructions on to the green, the banks or into the ditch.

18.    Players may only sit on the banks with the consent of both skips, and such allowance may only be made during a social game and it is known that the player requesting this dispensation has a relevant medical problem.

19.    The selling of raffle tickets and the like, or the soliciting of donations on the Club’s premises without the Management Committee’s authority is not allowed.

20.    No person or persons other than the Club Secretary and Competition Secretary or persons specifically authorized by the Management Committee to do so, shall place or remove notices on or from the Club’s notice board.

21.    If any member refuses to play as drawn in tabs, competitions, or as selected by the Selection Committee, without good or sufficient reason, the Management Committee may debar the offending member from taking part in other competitions or from representing the Club in any national or district competition for a part or the remainder of the year.

22.    All members by putting in their tabs to play, automatically avail themselves to play in Club competitions should the Competition Secretary so decide.

23.    The requisite number of rinks required for competitions shall be nominated by the Competition Secretary or, in his/her absence, by the person on duty.  Competitors shall draw for rinks so nominated and shall be obliged to play on the rink drawn.  In the case of singles, the first competitor in each match to report to the Competition Secretary that his/her opponent is present shall make the draw.  In the case of pairs, trips and fours, the draw shall be made by the first Skip in each match to report to the Competition Secretary.

24.    In Social bowls, Fours games shall be played over 21 ends, trips games (3 bowls trips) shall be played over 21 ends; and two bowl trips over 21 ends unless all players in the game decide otherwise, or unless otherwise stipulated from time to time by either the Management Committee or Kingfisher Bowling Association.

25.    Members wishing to enter for Club competitions shall not be absent for a period longer than 30 consecutive days.

26.    Any member making themselves available for selection must play as selected.